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A Guy Opens Fire When He Catches His Wife Getting-It-On with Their Friend in the Hot Tub


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What is it about hot tubs that leads to BAD DECISIONS?




There's a 64-year-old named Robert Hakins in Stuart, Florida, and last month, he was in his hot tub with his 38-year-old wife Christen . . . and their 50-year-old friend named Ted Vest.



Well . . . around 11:00 P.M., Robert went inside to go to sleep and left Christen and Ted alone in the hot tub.




And . . . eventually, they started getting-it-on.



Robert eventually looked out of his window and saw what was happening . . . so he screamed he was going to, quote, "[effing] kill" them.  Then he ran out with his gun and fired two shots.



He says he didn't fire the shots AT them, he fired them in a different direction . . . but he was still arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery. 

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