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What do you think about Burger King's (terrible) marketing against McDonalds?


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Burger King has launched an entire menu dedicated to trolling McDonald's.

Burger King has escalated its beef with McDonald’s with its newest menu featuring five items that are all “Not Big Mac’s.”


The Big Mac smack talk started after McDonald’s lost a legal battle to an Irish fast food chain to trademark the iconic hamburger.

To add insult to the dramatic loss, Burger King rolled out their “Not Big Mac’s” menu featuring a line-up of – you guessed it – not Big Mac’s.

The cheekily-named items are: Like a Big Mac, but Actually Big; the King of Like a Big Mac, but Juicier and Tastier; the Burger Big Mac Wished it Was; the Anything But a Big Mac; and the Big Mac-ish but Flame Grilled Of Course, High Snobiety reported.


None of the items on the menu, which appears to only be available in Sweden, are new – just rebranded for the purposes of the marketing stunt created by Burger King’s creative agency Ingo in Stockholm.

This is not the first time the royal fast food chain has come for the Golden Arches. In December, Burger King launched a promotion for its app that asked people to drive to McDonald’s in order to receive a free hamburger at BK.


McDonald’s has seemingly not acknowledged the shots fired by Burger King yet, but if they do, something tells us it will be a Whopper of a response.

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