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Alaska Airlines passengers endure 30-hour ordeal to get from Boston to LA


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Alaska Airlines responds to nightmare 30-hour flight ordeal from Boston to LA

More than 100 passengers scheduled to fly from Boston to Los Angeles on an Alaska Airlines flight ended up enduring a 30-hour travel nightmare after a series of mishaps, according to reports.

The ordeal began when Flight 1367 sat for two hours before finally taking off from Logan International Airport on Saturday evening. Around 90 minutes into the scheduled six-hour flight, the plane was diverted to Buffalo, N.Y., when the crew noticed an electrical burning smell, FOX affiliate Boston 25 News reported.

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Pictures from the 30 hour nightmare flight ⁦@AlaskaAir⁩ 1367 BOS to LAX. Hear from the frustrated passengers on board after ⁦@POTUS⁩ on ⁦@boston25


As firefighters tried tracking down the source of the burning smell, the passengers were forced to spend the night at the airport with no food or water.


"I think it went awry the middle of the night in Buffalo when we stopped getting updates from anyone on what was happening," passenger Meghan O’Connell told Boston's WCVB-TV.

"I think it went awry the middle of the night in Buffalo when we stopped getting updates from anyone on what was happening."

— Meghan O’Connell, passenger on delayed flight

Early Sunday morning, the airline flew the passengers not to Los Angeles, but back to Boston -- where they waited 90 minutes for a gate to open for their arrival. Then they were rebooked on a new flight to Los Angeles scheduled for later that day.

Then that new flight to L.A. was delayed by an hour.

Once they finally arrived in Los Angeles, some passengers were given more bad news: Some of their checked bags didn’t make it onto their new flight.

In a statement, Alaska Airlines said: "We clearly failed them at several points and we deeply regret the experience that left them stranded for hours without support or communication. That experience is not the Alaska way and does not reflect our values."

The airline said it has initiated a full review across the company to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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