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NFL playoffs pay: What players will earn this postseason


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The 12 teams that earned a spot in this year’s NFL playoffs have yet to play a down of football, but their players’ paychecks have already been determined, thanks to the league’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

The NFL’s CBA stipulates that all players, from star quarterbacks to long-snappers, earn the same paycheck come playoff time. Paychecks become more valuable as teams advance deeper into the playoffs, culminating in an $118,000 share for members of the team that wins the Super Bowl in February.

    For the NFL’s wild-card round this weekend, players on teams that won their divisions during the regular season, such as the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears, are guaranteed a $29,000 paycheck, win or lose. Wild-card teams, such as the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks, will earn a $27,000 paycheck.

    The stakes rise for teams that advance to the divisional round. Players on every team will receive an equal share of $29,000.

    Players on teams that earn a conference championship are guaranteed another $54,000 payday. In the Super Bowl, players on the winning team will take home a double share of $118,000, while members of the losing team will earn $59,000.

    The maximum pay any player can earn in this year’s playoffs is $230,000, for a member of a division-winning team that plays in all three preliminary rounds and wins the Super Bowl.


    A full breakdown of the postseason pay structure for this season’s NFL playoffs can be viewed below.

    Wild Card Round (Division Winners): $29,000

    Wild Card Round (Other Teams): $27,000

    Divisional Playoff Game: $29,000

    Conference Championship Game: $54,000

    Super Bowl (Winning Team): $118,000

    Super Bowl (Losing Team): $59,000

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