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A Woman Calls the Cops to Help Wake Her Son Up For School


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Every morning around this country, I'd estimate there are around 80 million parents struggling to wake up their kids for school.  And somehow, as far as we know, this has never happened before . . .



A woman named Crystal Towns from Grand Blanc Township, Michigan was trying to wake up her 14-year-old son Zachary for school last week.  Apparently it was a major struggle for them every day.



But this time it was SO bad that . . . she wound up calling the COPS for help.



More specifically, she called the cop who works as the resource officer at her son's school . . . and he actually came to the house and picked Zachary up.



Crystal says she hopes her son learned a lesson.  And maybe he really did . . . he told reporters, quote, "I don't think I should've pushed my mom's limits." 

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