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Local teacher arrested after she choked a 10-year-old student with his hoodie,


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2018-12-14 04_51_36-Teacher's Aid Charged with Child Abuse.png


A teacher's aid at Franklin County School was arrested after she allegedly choked a 10-year-old student with his hoodie, according to an arrest report from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. 

Abbie Shiver asked the student to take off his hoodie while inside the cafeteria. The 10-year-old took off the hoodie and then put it back on. At that point, Shiver pulled the hoodie off his head and allegedly choked him with it for about 45 seconds, the report states.

Deputies watched a video of the incident and said that the video shows Shiver as she "forcefully snatches the hood from the student's head," with enough force that he is snatched backward, deputies wrote. The student had red marks on his throat, deputies added


Also, the student told deputies that while Shiver was pulling his hood he told her she was choking him and she replied, "I don't care."

Shiver was charged with child abuse. 




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