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Oprah Says the Division in This Country Has to Stop


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There are people who'll say this is OPRAH testing the waters for a presidential run . . . and who am I to say it's not?  Oprah posted an essay the other day about how fractured we are as a country, and how we NEED to come together.



She said, quote, "The undeniable truth is that we have reached a tipping point.  Hatred and divisiveness have ruptured our national soul . . . We're waging war among and upon ourselves.  And leading ourselves further into darkness."



She added, quote, "We're losing what it means to be civilized.  We're losing respect for lives other than our own.  We're in trouble.  And only a deep collective reckoning can bring us back from the brink . . .



"WE.  ARE.  IN.  TROUBLE.  We must find a way to come together.  Both sides . . . all sides . . . must stop attacking and maligning.  Our goal must be decency and respect for every human we encounter . . .



"Let's make this the year of coming together . . . With hatred, no side wins.  In the end, we all lose.  Get woke to how you can be an agent for change.  A balm of peace in a troubled land."

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