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Elf murder exercise leaves student 'traumatized,' mom claims: 'There was a crime scene in one of the classrooms'


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An elf murder exercise let one student "traumatized," her mother claims.

A woman claims her daughter was left “traumatized” after her elementary school staged an elf murder activity.

Eight and 9-year-old students at Flowery Field Primary School in England arrived in class to discover a “crime scene,” featuring police tape and drops of blood, which were set up as part of a writing exercise, the Manchester Evening News reports.

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Year 4 writing detectives are on the case! What has happened in 4VS today? Collecting as many clues as we can find.

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While the school claims students were engaged and excited by the activity, one girl’s mom said her daughter has suffered nightmares after participating in it.


"There was a crime scene in one of the classrooms. The idea was Elf had been murdered by another Elf. My daughter came home and she was absolutely traumatized,” one mom told the Manchester Evening News.

She claims other parents said their kids were also “unsettled” by the nature of the exercise.

"I am very open with my children and I understand you can't protect them from everything. But my child was very upset last night and had to sleep in my bed," she said.

The idea of the unusual activity was to have students play detective, looking for clues to identify the suspect and later playing journalist to write the story.


Elf update- Year 4 have been hard at work coming up with punny newspaper headlines. Detectives yesterday ➡️ Journalists today 🔎📰

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But Ian Fell, headteacher of Flowery Field, said the children were all really “excited” and bought into the murder mystery.

"Of all of the 90 children who took part, none of them showed anything but full engagement. One of the children said to me 'I am definitely being a detective when I grow up,'” Fell said.

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Elf update- the winners of this mornings Maths investigation have figured out that the criminal has DARK HAIR! Here’s some fair-haired suspects we released today #whokilledtheelf

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"I have been a teacher for 30 years and this is, in my judgment, an appropriate, engaging and exciting thing that children aged eight and nine have done. They have been so up for it. I am really looking forward to see the quality of the outcomes. We are not trying to keep this a secret and we will be tweeting about the rest of exercise today," he said.

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