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Bay Medical Employees Laid Off

Guest Dwight C

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Guest Dwight C

Around 800 Employees Laid Off from Bay Medical Sacred Heart Due to Hurricane Damage

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Panama City, Fla. - Prior to Hurricane Michael, Bay Medical Center operated 323 bed and now the first phase of the re-opening in the beginning of January will only include 75. The downsize is due to the damage the facility received from Hurricane Michael. With the smaller facility comes less jobs.

"It's all levels, from physicians all the way down to the maintenance staff," said Griff Griffitts, Bay County Commissioner. 

The number of employees being laid off from the hospital is around 800. Laid off employees will be paid through the first week of February and their insurance will carry on until the end of February. 

"This is just some very difficult decisions we have to face as a county, and the hospital is facing one of those right now with the devastation they faced with Hurricane Michael," said Commissioner Griffitts. 

The hurricane impacting all health care in Bay County. 

"It is going to be a challenge, gulf coast and bay med are probably going to have to work together, people are being shipped out of town everyday for serious medical issues and that will continue until they get to full medical service," said Commissioner Griffitts. 

Bay Medical aims to get back to a full service facility.

"The next year will be very busy for bay med, a lot of construction will take place," said Commissioner Griffitts. 

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