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Southwest Apologized After an Employee Made Fun of a Girl Named "Abcde"


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This is a tough one.  On one hand, you really shouldn't mock a little kid if they've got a strange name.  On the other hand . . . their parents HAD to know this could happen when they picked it.



There's a woman named Traci Redford from El Paso, Texas.  And earlier this month, she was flying home from Orange County, California on Southwest.  Traci had her five-year-old daughter with her.  And her daughter's name is Abcde, pronounced Ab-city.



Well . . . when the gate agent at Southwest saw the name, she started laughing and telling her coworkers.  And she even took a picture of Abcde's boarding pass and posted it on her social media.



Traci complained, and now, Southwest offered a, quote, "sincere apology to the family." 



They wouldn't say if they punished the gate agent, but they did say this is a, quote, "opportunity to reinforce our policies and emphasize our expectations." 

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