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Here Are the 10 Things We Love About Winter . . . and the 10 Things We Hate


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A new survey found the things people LOVE and HATE the most about winter.  To start things off on a positive note, here's what we love about winter:



1.  The crisp air in the morning.


2.  How it looks outside covered in snow.


3.  A night by the fireplace.


4.  Walking through crunching leaves.


5.  Christmas lights.


6.  Not feeling guilty about staying in.


7.  The sunrises and sunsets.


8.  Holiday food.


9.  The smells.


10.  Christmas shopping.



And the 10 things we hate are . . .



1.  Missing the warm weather and sun.


2.  The heating bills.


3.  Having to scrape ice off the car windows.


4.  Always being cold.


5.  Having to get out of bed when the house is freezing.


6.  Going to work and coming home in the dark.


7.  Everyone getting sick.


8.  Crowds at stores.


9.  Christmas decorations and displays in stores showing up too early.


10.  The horrible moment of freezing when you get out of the shower. 

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