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A New Version of Big Mouth Billy Bass is on Sale . . . and It's Powered by Amazon's Alexa


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The Big Mouth Billy Bass is one of the stranger products of the past few decades . . . like, why did millions of people want to hang a fake fish on their wall that talks and sings? 



And now . . . the Big Mouth Billy Bass is back, and it has EVOLVED.



There's a new version on sale that looks just like the old version . . . but this one is powered by Amazon's Alexa.  So what does that mean?



1.  You can give it commands using an Amazon Echo.


2.  When Alexa gives you answers, Billy will lip sync them.


3.  It can dance and sing along to Amazon music.


4.  And it'll cost $40, when you could just, oh I don't know, light the money on fire instead.



You can pre-order it on Amazon right now, and it's supposed to start shipping on Saturday.  

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