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'War on Christmas': Idaho Man Wins 4-Year Battle Over Holiday Lights Display


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Man reacts after winning 4-year battle over his home's Christmas lights

A homeowner in Idaho recently won a four-year battle with his town's homeowners association (HOA) over the Christmas lights he displayed on his home.

Jeremy Morris and his wife sued the West Hayden Estates Homeowners Association board last year after it threatened to block his display in 2015.

According to the Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls Press, Morris cited religious discrimination in his lawsuit, as the board's letter reportedly said it was "hesitant" to mention that some of the town's residents "are non-Christians or of another faith and I don’t even want to think of the problems that could bring up."

Morris said Sunday on Fox & Friends that the sellers of his home even testified in federal court that they didn't want his family's "beliefs" pressed on others.


"Anyone who doubts that the war on Christmas -- or as I like to call it, the war on Christians -- is real in this country, they could just look to my case for proof of that."

Morris and his family were awarded $60,000 in compensatory damages and $15,000 in punitive damages, as the homeowners association was reportedly in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

He said on Sunday that as an attorney, he and his wife felt the need to fight the HOA on behalf of other people.

"If I -- in the position that I'm in with the legal means to do something about it -- don't do something about it, what does that say for any other American who finds themselves in this situation?" he said.

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