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Local businesses having trouble filling open jobs


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Panama City resident Sarah Sunday is one of many trying to find a job again.


"Due to the Hurricane Michael, my employment was destroyed," said Sunday.

And for her, it's the new school schedules making it difficult to find a job.

"I have a high school student that goes from 7 a.m. to 12 and now I have a second grader that goes from 8 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. and it's just a little chaotic," said Sunday.

Making compatible job hours difficult to find.

But Maria Goodwin with CareerSource Gulf Coast says while jobs are available, there's another battle to getting local employment.

"The number one issue that we're hearing, both from job seekers and employers is the housing issue," said Goodwin.

Internet and phone services are also a roadblock for people on the job hunt, but Godwin says CareerSource can help.

"Please come and utilize our facility, we have a temporary office that's located at C.C. Washington Academy," said Goodwin.

While many people are looking for a job, there are also employers who are looking to hire. Just like the restaurant Somethin's Cookin!, whose owner says after Hurricane Michael, she lost her entire staff.

"My cook left, he went to Louisiana, my server still is not back, she went to Kentucky, she lost everything where she lived in her trailer, and there was nobody here but my husband and I," said owner of Somethin's Cookin!, Hanelore Holland. "I'm looking for another server and possibly a backup cook and a pastry chef."

While both sides of the field are in search of help, Sunday says the best thing to do is have a good attitude.

"We're blessed compared to a lot of people, it's different situations, so I'm just trying to stay positive about it all," she said.

If you are seeking help from CareerSource Gulf Coast, the deadline to apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance has been extended to December 7th.

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