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Men with Facial Hair Are More Attractive Than Men Without It


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Good news for everyone who's growing a mustache for Movember . . . maybe the results AREN'T making you look like a greasy aspiring porn star after all.



According to a new study in the "Journal of Evolutionary Biology", men with facial hair are more attractive than men without it.



The survey asked more than 8,500 women to rate men on how attractive they are.  And here are the results, from most to least attractive.



1.  Heavy stubble, like 10 days' worth or so.


2.  Full beard.


3.  Light stubble.


4.  Clean shaven.



The researchers say there's an evolutionary aspect to it, and that beards make men look more masculine.  Quote, "Beards may be more attractive . . . as they indicate a male's ability to successfully compete socially with other males for resources." 

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