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What a red, yellow, or green tag on your home means


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For property owner James Kendrick, his land in Parker has been in his family for decades.

"My father owned this place, I inherited it from him," said Kendrick.

Together, father and son bought a couple of homes off of Oakshore Drive.

"He talked me into buying that property over next door there, so, you know, he's a contractor too, so we remodeled all of these houses," said Kendrick.

But now some of those homes have been marked unsafe by local code inspectors.

"I don't think it's right," said Kendrick.

Greg Boutwell with EPCI, a local inspection company, says they're marking homes with a red, yellow, or green tags based on an assessment of the outside of the home.

"By no means does it means your building is condemned or it should be demolished, it just means that you might have damage that is structural in nature," said Boutwell.

Boutwell also says that the tags are just to let people know that they need a licensed contractor to fix their home, although locals like Kendrick are saying they don't think they need that.

"Well, I can get them fixed up without putting a red sticker on them," said Kendrick.

But Parker city officials say these red tags can help people in the long run.

"We're going to supply this list to FEMA, to the FEMA housing people. They can compare it against who's registered with FEMA and then they'll go out and actually do an assessment of that property and then try to make sure they can get a trailer there for that individual," said Mayor Rich Musgrave.

EPCI inspectors are going door to door to assist people.

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