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Some Bay County residents living with mold, other storm damage running out of options, may have to leave


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While some are recovering from Hurricane Michael, others are still struggling to find answers on how to move forward.


"There is a lot of mold in all areas of the apartment," said Panama City resident Geneath Gaines. "People, just like they said, 'don't know what to do when they don't have anywhere to go.'"

For more than a month, Geneath and her husband Don have been living with leaks, mold, and other damage caused by Hurricane Michael.

"If you get a problem like mold, it's like a sinus infection or something," said Don. "My sinus medicine is working so I know it's just that bad. If you were to look in there and film it right now it's terrible."

Geneath said she doesn't have clean water or any way of getting around.

"A lot of people still, like myself, they don't have personal transportation to get to and from the laundromat and even the grocery store," she said.

A few organizations have been dropping off supplies like food and water, but Geneath says they need further assistance otherwise she and her husband will have to leave Bay County.

"These apartments are based on your income and most of the people out here have disabled children or grandchildren or they on some type of disability," said Geneath. "When you look at your paper and it says you are below poverty level something has to be done."

Gaines said they've reached out to the managers of the complex they live in but they said they've been unhelpful. The couple has reached out to others hoping to find a way to make it through this tough time. They've already started the process of moving but hope there's a way they can stay.

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