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Encouraging Progress Made Since Michael


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It's officially been a month since Hurricane Michael swept through the Panhandle causing devastating damages.

However, progress is being made.

From roads filled with downed trees and power lines, to now having some semblance of regular traffic with lights, Bay County has noticeably healed since the storm. 

100% of Bay County students are even expected to be back in session by Nov. 15.

County officials noted that there's still a lot of work that need be done but so far, the progress has been humbling.

"I think it's amazing. By next Thursday, 100% of our kids will be in school so given the amount of damage that we sustained and the amount of damage our whole community had. I think it's just really awesome to have a 100% of our kids back in school a month after that," said Sharon Michalik, Bay District Schools director of communications.

"30 days into this thing, think we can be proud of the progress that we've made. Opening the roadways, power restoration to the very large part of the county, traffic lights back up, services restored. And that's not to say we don't have a long way to go but I've been really proud of the citizens of Bay County, as well as the men and women of the sheriff's office for the attitude that they've maintained," noted Tommy Ford, Bay Co. Sheriff.

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