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Panama City Mall Cinema Facing Challenge In Re-Opening


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2018-11-09 04_50_00-Window.png

The Panama City Mall and some of its stores faced disagreement as to when the stores are allowed to open.

After going through its final repairs, VIP Cinema at the mall claimed that they are ready to open back up for business however the mall would not let them.

They said that the mall have been ignoring communications with the theater until they stated their intent to re-open, at which the mall responded with a "terse and threatening letter from their attorneys."


The Panama City Mall clarified as to why certain stores are not being allowed to re-open.

"At this time we are not allowing any tenants and or stores to open that do not have their own exterior entrance. Due to the extensive damage that the mall suffered from Hurricane Michael, we would not want to expose anyone to any harm, or something that may cause health concerns. This is nothing personal but our top priority is to keep our mall employees and shoppers safe," explained Erin Wommack, Panama City Mall marketing director.

The mall cinema emphasized the need for family-friendly entertainment especially during times like these.

"It was work right in my backyard to get a theater right here in Panama City my family can come to and enjoy. I would love to see some families down here. I know there's lot of families that really went through hard times. I'd love to see them down here to see a movie. I really would," said Kyle Mitchell, VIP Cinema operations and facilities director.

The cinema also stressed the importance of having a close theater on this side of the bridge as travel is still a challenge for some.

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