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Bay County residents express their frustrations about local recovery efforts during NAACP Town Hall Meeting


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Many people raised questions about housing, looting and other issues because of Hurricane Michael at the NAACP's town hall meeting Thursday. It took place at First Providence Community Baptist Church in Panama City.


Many people from the meeting said they came looking for answers to solve their issues but believe they're getting the run around.

"We elect local people to represent us locally and on a national level and there has been a lack of that leadership that we elected people to provide," said Callaway resident Tony Bostick.

Bostick and other Bay County residents asked questions and shared their frustrations about local recovery efforts during the town hall meeting. "Everyone wants to talk about 'we're doing a great job,' but yet you have probably ten thousand people still living in tents," said Bostick.

He said he has seen looting during neighborhood watch. "We've had a least for break-ins while we were out on patrol in my neighborhood and have yet to see a law enforcement officer," said Bostick.

A main issue for many attending the meeting was housing. FEMA, city officials and others seem to do their best to provide answers. "We're working feverishly with FEMA to get some housing solutions done," said Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki. "We've been working on it for weeks and now it's time to pony up."

Mayor Brudnicki said a little more than 12 hundred people have qualified for FEMA trailers. He's asking everyone who has been denied to keep re-applying.

Bay County NAACP President Rufus Wood Jr. said they'll continue to hold these town hall meeting as long as they're needed.

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