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Finding displaced animals after Hurricane Michael


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At the height of animal intake, Bay County Animal Services staff members said they had about 225 animals to take care of.


"It's been a hard run, but a good run," Bay County Animal Control Division Manager Kathy Beatson said.

But since the storm, the shelter hasn't been able to let some of those animals go.

"When you're still in the state mandated disaster period, you have to hold those animals for 30 days," Beatson said.

On November 9, the shelter can start processing the adoption applications for about 50 animals that came in during that period.

But it's a different story for some of the other animals.

"Animals that came in after October 22 are animals that still have regular stray time or owner claim time like we have everyday of the year," Beatson said.

If it's too much to come out to the shelter and see if your four legged friend is here, staff members said they are posting on a Facebook page called Bay County Animal Services Hurricane Michael Lost and Found. There are also other options.

"Normally all of our pictures would appear on our website but that hasn't been working so we did the special Facebook page," Beatson said. "If they don't see their animal we're taking a lost report and we've been able to match up lost reports with animals when they come in as well too."

She also said animals are coming in frequently so if you haven't found your set of paws yet. they might still be waiting for you.

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