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Bay County official says he's "never seen this quantity of debris" following storm.


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 It's been nearly a month since Hurricane Michael hit and debris is still piled up on the sides of streets. Bay County Division of Solid Waste has teams everywhere picking up those piles of debris.

Manager Glenn Ogbourn said they've picked up nearly 1 million cubic yards of debris since the storm."I've been here all my life I've been through Opal and several other storms I've never seen this quantity of debris," said Ogbourn.

The Bay County Solid Waste Division has been picking up debris from Hurricane Michael for weeks but Ogbourn said it seems like no matter how much they pick up on a daily basis, it's still not enough. "We're picking the material up," said Ogbourn. "I mean we got crews out everywhere but there's a lot of debris out there."

He's not kidding, Ogbourn says they pick up roughly 75-thousand cubic yards of debris a day. "Hopefully it will taper off a little bit before it after we gain on it and catch up but it's gonna be like this for a while," said Ogbourn.

This is only the debris the division has picked up from the curb. It doesn't count construction debris taken to the Steelfield Landfill. "Prior to the storm we were taking a little less than 400 tons a day of material and now we're like 16,000 tons a day," said Ogbourn

Ogbourn says Bay County residents can get rid of their debris at the Steelfield Landfill at no charge.

The Steelfield Landfill is not the only place you can dump your debris. There are 14 other places you can take it to in Bay County for more information click here http://baycountyfl.gov/DocumentCenter/View/2369/Municpalities-and-Private-Licensed-Haulers?bidId=

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