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Locations of Comfort Stations throughout Panama City


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Panama City Comfort Stations

Comfort Stations reopened Nov. 2 after closing due to severe weather.  Comfort Stations continue to be set up throughout the City of Panama City. Once fully operational, each location will have food, water, ice, an air-conditioned tent, nice restrooms and showers.

"Panama City Comfort Stations" Facebook page has also been created to provide the community with updates on resources. Link: https://www.facebook.com/panamacitycomfortstations/



·        Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center  - 705 E. 14th Ct.

·        Daffin Park - Millville - 320 Kraft Ave.

·        Cove Shopping Center - 925 Cherry St.

·        Al Helms Dog - next to walking park on Balboa Ave. -  1022 Balboa Ave.


·        St. Andrews Northstar Church - 2379 St Andrews Blvd.

·        Boys and Girls Club  - 3404 W. 19th St.

·        Old Party City Store - 2015 W. 23rd St.

·        Palm Bay Prep Academy - 1104 Balboa Ave.

·        Panama City Mall - Corner of 23rd St. and Hwy 77

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