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Victims Re-Live Hurricane Michael in Bad Weather


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PANAMA CITY Fla. - Anyone living in Florida knows storms and rain are common. Although, in the aftermath of a hurricane bad weather can trigger memories of the past. Bruce Kress, of Panama City remembers his experience during hurricane Michael. 
"Everything was just shaking, the windows were vibrating. it was just real horrific feeling."

For some a thunderstorm is just a thunderstorm, for others it's much more. "The anticipation of not knowing what it's going to be... I think it'll always bring back memories," said Kress.

Many people in the Panhandle could be feeling this way. According to Tricia Pearce, a Life Management Center Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and there are ways to cope during a storm when re-living traumatic experiences. "Try to put yourself in some positive circumstances. Do some things that you like to do. If you like to read, read some."

Also, speaking to someone can help. "There are phone numbers that you can call. You can call life management center 24/7. We have a crisis line for people that are having mental health crisis problems," said Pearce. The Life Management Center Crisis Line phone number is 850-522-4485.

Sometime it can be hard to spot someone who is struggling. Experts say some signs to look out for are any major change in behavior. For example, eating a lot more or less, sleeping a lot more or less, and talking about being hopeless. Pearce says that's when it's time to step in. "You start asking them questions, see how they're doing, and what's going on."

The best thing to do is to be sympathetic toward others who react differently to weather in the aftermath of hurricane Michael.

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