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FEMA went to a local town hall meeting, and basically said nothing


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Fema, Bay District Schools, and many other organizations gathered at Providence Community Baptist Church in Panama City Thursday to give out information and answer questions for those displaced by Hurricane Michael.


One town hall attendee said "these people have no where to live they need housing." This was one of the concerns people had during the meeting.

People also asked questions and shared their frustrations with officials from FEMA, school leaders, and legal representatives. Many have been displaced due to Hurricane Michael and have struggled to get resources, supplies, and assistance.

Another attendee said "we're at a point now where it's like 'let's do something concrete.'

One of the biggest topics they talked about was housing. "Most of the hotels here are damaged and there is nothing available that's part of the frustration," said Charles Cooper with the FEMA Task Force of Bay County. "In the housing assistance program they could get funding through FEMA for about two months rental assistance, only problem with that is that there is no where to rent," added Cooper.

FEMA representatives did their best to help people find solutions to their problems. "We don't want them falling through the cracks, we want them to get any financial assistance they have coming to them," said Cooper.

People also raised questions about the school system. "I think the things that people are concerned about right now is when is school starting, how is that process going to go, where is my child going to be in school," said Bay District School Board Chair Ginger Littleton. "At the same time they're trying to get back their children in that daily routine and that sense of normalcy," explained Littleton.

Littleton also announced the Bay District School Board will be using $30,00 of donation money to buy school clothes.

The FEMA Task force in Bay County is asking people to go to the Disaster Recovery Command Center for any further assistance.

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