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City of Lynn Haven creates trust fund to help citizens pay relief expenses


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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Lynn Haven city leaders held a special meeting Tuesday and talked about Hurricane Michael recovery efforts including opening a trust fund.

The trust fund was created to help residents with their recovery expenses. The city is looking to raise $40 million for the fund.

"Once that money is in place, we will begin paying grants to our residents to pay the deductible on their insurance policy," said Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson.

According to Mayor Anderson, the city is making great progress with recovery efforts. She believes the trust fund will be a way to continue that progress.

"It will give immediate relief to residents," said Anderson. "To receive a check to pay the deductible, most owe at least $5,000 on their home insurance, is a very vital thing right now."

Anderson says they're seeking corporate donations but would still like for others to pitch in. All contributions are completely tax deductible.

The city commission also ended its state of emergency.

"It's been a little over two weeks and so felt like it was time to end our state of emergency and return power to the city manager and the commission," said Anderson.

The city manager says they're still trying to restore phone service and WiFi. The commission decided not to charge residents utility fees until November 15th. Also, late fees and disconnect fees will not be charged until 2019.

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