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Hurricane Michael recovery by the numbers


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PANAMA CITY — Nineteen days out from Hurricane Michael, recovery has been a slow but steady process. Here’s a look at some of the important numbers related to that effort, as of Monday. For more recovery information, visit www.recoverbaycounty.org.

21 — Number of casualties confirmed by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

58 — Number of people arrested by all agencies on suspicion of looting charges.

220 — Number of people arrested by all agencies for breaking curfew.

211 — Phone number residents can use to reach the Citizen Hotline with disaster and recovery-related information.

226,554 — Number of meals served by the Salvation Army.

124,800 — Number of meals served by World Central Kitchen.

235,952 — Number of meals served by the American Red Cross.


143,229 — People served by the points of distribution (PODs).

36 — Number of Red Cross emergency response vehicles doing mobile feeding.

826 — Number of evacuees currently living in shelters.

800-451-1954 — Phone number to call if you need help cleaning up your home.

888-766-3258 — Phone number to call for Operation Blue Roof.

45 — Number of day-care facilities open in the county.

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