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Guest Dwight C


Tentatively, the following schools will open on Nov. 5, 2018:

Northside Elementary School
Mosley High School (split schedule with Merritt Brown Middle School
Oakland Terrace Elementary School
Parker Elementary School (with Patterson Elementary displaced students
Tommy Smith Elementary School
West Bay Elementary School
Patronis Elementary School
Waller Elementary School
Hutchison Beach Elementary School
New Horizons Learning Center
Southport Elementary School
Lynn Haven Elementary School
Lucille Moore Elementary School
Deer Point Elementary School
Callaway Elementary School (with Tyndall Elementary displaced students)
All other school sites (except Springfield Elementary, Tyndall Elementary, and Patterson Elementary) will be opening no later than the week of Nov. 13.

Additional Information:
 The colors of the dress code will be temporarily waived, and Bay District Schools asks that
students come dressed appropriately for school each day.
 Bay District Schools petitioned the state Department of Education for a waiver of many
requirements (including the requirement to use FSA as a promotion requirement).
 All elementary schools will operate on a full school day. Some schools will have slightly-altered
school opening/closing times. More specifics will be coming at a later time.
 Tyndall students will attend on the campus with Callaway Elementary.
 Springfield students will attend with Cedar Grove Elementary.
 Patterson students will attend with Parker Elementary students.
 It is expected that this arrangement will last for a significant amount of time because the
Tyndall, Springfield and Patterson campuses are heavily damaged.
 All students will receive free breakfast and lunch.
 You are encouraged to register your student at the school closest to where you now live. You
are welcome to provide your own transportation to your student's original school, but we will
not be able to provide that transportation.
 Locations where you can complete "needs lists" for students who need school-appropriate
clothing, will be provided at a later time. We are so thankful to have received a lot of donations
and we hope to be able to provide clothing to all students in need.
 School supplies are being provided directly to our schools so there is no need to worry about
paper, crayons, markers, notebooks etc. All the supplies will be at the school when your
students arrive.
 We are in the process of arranging for crisis counselors, art therapy and other resources for our
students. We plan to address the student’s mental health concerns prior to returning fully to
reading, writing and math.
If your elementary school is not listed as a school with a shared campus, then it is not a shared campus
and students should attend their original campus. However, given the traffic situation and current
logistics being faced by many families, we recommend students attend the school closest to the places
where they now reside so that transportation can be provided.
Thank you for understanding these temporary changes as we continue to provide for your student’s
education. We will provide additional information, such as the school calendar, ACT/SAT and bus routes
as they become available. Go to Facebook @baydistrictschools for more details.

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