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The National News isn't showing you what is happening here.


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I'm sitting in a control room right now that is literally pushing 90 degrees as I write this. 

TENS OF THOUSANDS of people are still without power, water, sewage and most importantly, communication. I was on the air earlier and I was getting multiple text messages from people that are stuck in their homes and can't get out because of trees. Some people were just today able to charge their phones for the first time. Lots of those people who were able to charge their phones found them unusable because Verizon's towers are down and the fiber has been damaged.

There are people that called that haven't bathed and the only meal they were able to get were MRE's that were handed out.

Folks, this is BAD - and the National news isn't paying any attention to it whatsoever. 

People in Panama City didn't even know until the other day that there was power in Panama City Beach, so the traffic along the Gulf along Panama City is something for the record books. People also haven't been able to get gas, so the lines for gas stations are insane. Some stores are open in Panama City Beach, but very few are open in Panama City. Lots of the gas stations are only accepting cash, and getting cash is very difficult because ATM's aren't working. When a store like Wal Mart is open, lots of the inventory are gone.

Then I see Trump come in to town and all I heard him talk about was illegal immigrants by the plane.

I get that there is a lot of Federal Aid, but I talked to someone in Toledo this morning and all he knew was we had a hurricane, but he had NO CLUE about how devastated this area was/is. (It happened to be a bill collector, and they can kiss my ass at this point.) Speaking of, I saw the mailman outside the studio window about 20 minutes ago and just that one single little thing made me smile.

This is the ONLY story on Drudge and it's down at the bottom.

I just cannot believe that no one else in the Country is talking about what all of these communities are going through.


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