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Schools waiting on electricity, other repairs to open


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(WJHG) -- Here is a look at the latest school information county by county.

Blountstown High School gym, baseball and football fields, Photo date: 10/13/2018 / Joel Sebastianelli via Facebook / @jsebastianelli

The athletic director for Vernon High School and head coach Gerald Tranquille said their game at Holmes County High School this Friday is still happening.

For a look at damage to some schools, click here.

Bay District Schools

According to the school district's Facebook page, officials hope to have a damage assessment on Monday; which will provide the foundation of a plan to reopen. They expect to post a more detailed plan at about 12 p.m. on Monday.

They said power is being restored quickly and they hope to hear about water soon.

They may make online resources available to students in the days to come. Counseling and activities are coming to shelters shortly. They are coming up with a plan to reconnect with employees.

Calhoun County

Ralph Yoder, the superintendent of schools in Calhoun County, spoke with WJHG about the current recovery process and what needs to happen for schools to reopen and routines to resume for students.

He said the school district has been impacted by Hurricane Michael and buildings were damaged.

"We are experiencing that just like many of you at home are," he said.

Crews and district officials are working to open schools as soon as possible, but right now, they are waiting on electricity to come back.

"The damage is the small thing. We want to make sure that we're doing things right and getting things in order so students can come back and we can learn," said Yoder.

The plan is to renovate and restore damaged structures, but the priority for crews right now is to prepare temporary roofing and dry out the buildings.

"My message to our community is, 'We're Calhoun strong. We need to work together. It's going to take all of us pulling together day in and day out over these next weeks and months. Quite possibly, recovery is going to take years. But guess what? This is our community. This is the community that we love. This is the community that we cherish. And I would encourage each of us - we've seen the good come out in people. Friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors. These are the things we can do as a community. This is the thing I encourage each of us, as Calhoun County. We love our community. Let's work together. Let's rebuild and let's come back stronger than we ever were because we are Calhoun strong,'" said Yoder.

He wanted to remind the people of Calhoun County to have some patience as the recovery efforts continue.

The school district will share more information as it becomes available. District officials ask the public to please avoid the area so as not to impede the repair work. All schools will remain closed until further notice.

Franklin County

School will remain closed through 10/19/2018. School officials expect to have more information for parents and students after a scheduled conference call with administrators later this week.

All school-related activities also are canceled.

The Franklin County School Board workshop special meeting scheduled for 10/15/18 also was cancelled and will be rescheduled for a later date.


"Hurricane Michael has made his mark on our community but heart of the Seahawk family can not be shaken. We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation throughout this recovery process," the school district wrote on Facebook.

Gulf County School District

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Jackson County School District

The Jackson County School Board released the following:

"The Jackson County School Board will hold the scheduled Board Meeting and Executive Session on Tuesday October 16, 2018. The meeting location has been moved to the Marianna High School library and will begin at 4 PM. The board meeting is open to the public. Two "Just Cause" items will be added to the agenda for consideration. These items are emergency contracts with companies to begin repairs at Riverside and Grand Ridge schools due to Hurricane Michael. An Executive Session will follow the regular meeting and is a CLOSED meeting. Both meetings have previously been advertised.

Area school districts are sending workers to assist our community with school restoration. Any volunteers able to help with school projects are asked to meet Monday (October 15) at 8AM at the district bus barn on Penn Avenue to receive information and directions. Bring gloves, chain saws, and gas if you can operate a chain saw. Plans are to start with Marianna Middle and Jackson Alternative on Monday. If you are available to help on other days please check Facebook for daily work locations or contact one of our school/district administrators.

Lastly, teachers, employees, and volunteers, please DO NOT start any clean up INSIDE of any school building until our insurance adjusters determine the damage. For safety reasons, work at Riverside and Grand Ridge will begin with professional companies.

Thank you for any assistance you or your family can give and we certainly understand so many families have immediate work to be done at their own homes and businesses."

Liberty County schools

All school will be canceled until further notice.

Washington County schools

Washington County schools will be closed October 15-19, 2018. You can continue to check its Facebook page for updates.

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