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Someone thought GOLD SHOWER was the answer on Wheel of Fortune


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Someone Thought "Gold Shower" Was The Answer to a Puzzle on "Wheel of Fortune"


HIGHLIGHTS:  (Careful! The answer to a puzzle on "Wheel of Fortune" last week was "Bridal and Cold Shower," and only the "C" was missing.  But a woman incorrectly guessed, "Bridal and GOLD Shower."



FULL STORY:  On "Wheel of Fortune", when you've got a puzzle down to its last letter, you're home free, right?  Well, as long as your mind's not IN THE GUTTER.



The other night a contestant named Melanie was one letter away from solving one of those "Same Name" puzzles.  But she put a "G" where a "C" should have been, and came up with . . .



 "Bridal and GOLD Shower."



The next contestant came up with the correct answer, "Bridal and COLD Shower," but PAT SAJAK seemed a little flustered. 





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