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7 Things That Will Be Gone By The Year 2030


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1. Payphones


How many payphones do you see around these days? Chances are not very many. Most people have cell phones these days and do not need to use a payphone when they are out in public. In the 1990s, there were about three million payphones in America. Right now, there are around 100,000 and that number is expected to go down. Not many of these probably even work anymore.

2. iPods


iPods were once great for storing and playing music. This was during the transition away from Discmans and CD players. Now, cell phones have the ability to play music from different apps and websites. Apple discontinued the iPod shuffle and iPod nano and likely the iPod touch will go away soon too.


3. Remotes


You still use a remote right? Remotes are still pretty common with TVs, but technology experts think that TVs will eventually be voice-controlled or you will be able to use your phone as a remote. This means regular remotes will not be necessary anymore.

4. Cords


Sick of all those cords getting tangled up? Well, you might be in luck. Many people predict that electronics will use Bluetooth, charging pads and WiFi, so you won’t need to plug in so many cords.


5. Checks


It is kind of sad, but many young people don’t even know how to write a check. They may not need to learn. Likely, online payments, credit cards, and new ways to transfer funds will leave checks a thing of the past.

6. Cable TV


Do you still have cable or have you already switched to a streaming service? Cable is expensive and annoying to deal with and many people already use services like Hulu, Sling TV, and Netflix instead of cable. Chances are that number will continue to rise until cable companies are forced out of business.

7. Digital cameras


These days, only professional photographers generally use a nicer digital camera. Most of us like the ease of using a cell phone to take pictures. As pictures on your phone get nicer and nicer, no one will spend money on a digital camera anymore.

Do you agree with this list? What items will make you sad if they aren’t around anymore? What items will you never let go of?

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