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'Sexy Native American' Halloween costumes could be pulled from shelves


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Halloween may be weeks away, but an online petition with over 12,500 signatures is gaining momentum in its cry against Yandy’s “sexy Native American” costumes currently available for sale.

Last week, Twitter users exploded with frustration with the online lingerie retailer’s continued sale of 43 different “sexy Native American” and “sexy Indian” outfits, despite rising backlash through a #CancelYandy campaign.


Twitter users have called the costumes "offensive" and "racist."

Twitter users have called the costumes "offensive" and "racist." (Yandy.com)


Days before, the company pulled its “sexy” “Handmaid’s Tale”-inspired costume following protests that the garb symbolized women’s oppression. It released a statement saying that triggering offense was "not our intention on any level.”

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Now, activists both inside and beyond the Native American community are rallying through a Change.org petition demanding that Yandy stop selling its Native American Halloween costumes that “grossly appropriate our [indigenous] culture and sacred regalia.”


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Some of the “disrespectful” ensembles currently available for purchase include getups such as “Chief's Desire,” “Tribal Trouble,” “Sexy Dream Catcher,” “Hot On The Hunt” and “Native American Mistress.”

This isn’t the first time Yandy has made headlines for its Native American line in the weeks leading up to All Hallow’s Eve.

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Last year, a group of Native American women gathered at the Yandy.com office in Arizona to protest the “sexualization of indigenous people.”

Representatives for Yandy not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment on the petition.

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