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Democrat House Candidate Taken Into Custody

Guest Dwight C

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Guest Dwight C


A Wayne State police officer escorts congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib as she is arrested following a protest with workers from local McDonald’s franchises, the airport and hospitals outside a McDonald’s restaurant, Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, in Detroit.

Democrat House Candidate Taken Into Custody During Protest In Mich.

Police recently arrested a Democratic congressional candidate, who took part in protests across Michigan for higher minimum wages.

Rashida Tlaib was taken into custody on Tuesday for allegedly blocking a traffic lane in Detroit. 

Tlaib was seated at a table set up in the middle of a busy street that was surrounded by hundreds of protesters with the ‘Fight for 15’ movement. The group is calling for the minimum wage to be set at $15 dollars in the state and are seeking to expand union rights.

According to police say Tlaib and more than a dozen others refused to move from the table when asked.

“Four hundred-plus plus protesters — we ended up with 18 that we have taken into custody…and they will be charged with disorderly conduct and the specifications that they were blocking a moving lane of traffic will be listed on the citation,” stated Detroit Deputy Police Chief Elvin Barren.

Tlaib is running for Michigan’s 13th District to replace Congressman John Conyers, who resigned over allegations of sexual harassment

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