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Bay District Schools Accuse Health Department Of Stealing

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Guest Dwight C

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Bay District Schools Accuse Health Department of Stealing Student Health Records

Bay District Schools is accusing the health department of stealing student health records from schools. The two terminated their contract this year and the district contracted with PanCare. 

"I want to believe they didn't do it but if they didn't do it who did it?" said Superintendent Bill Husfelt.

Bay District Schools claims health department employees stole students records on their way out this summer after the two decided to not renew their contract this school year.

"We started looking around and figuring out how many schools did this happen to, where are they at, what's going on," said Husfelt.

Public records obtained by News 13 show about 12 schools were missing their Student Individualized Health Care plans, typically kept in binders in health rooms. For example, Patronis Elementary where they said a health department nurse came to pick up their computer and their records were gone too.

"Records like that, it's not a magical act. Someone took them and I believe we need to have an investigation," said Husfelt.

Husfelt said if it's true its unethical and illegal.

"Who has the authority or right to come in and get those records without permission from us? We certainty didn't give anyone permission," said Husfelt.

Emails back and forth between the district and Bay County Department of Health administrator Doug Kent show Kent repeatedly denying the claim nurses took records. The health department said they too are requesting a the Florida Inspector Generals Office to conduct an inquiry into the allegations. 

"These are records that belong to the students, that belong to the district, we are responsible for them, where are they?" said Husfelt.

The district said they do have electronic copies of the records and PanCare is hard at work making sure student records are accurate and up to date. Health services will be provided as usual as the investigation continues. 

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