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Ian Ziering Wants a Violent Kid at His Daughter's School Dealt With


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IAN ZIERING can kill flying sharks with his bare hands, so it's hard to believe he's having trouble with a SECOND GRADER.  But that's where things stand in the REAL world . . .



Ian led a protest yesterday at his daughter's elementary school, because of a second-grader who supposedly has a history of violent and threatening behavior.



I know what you're thinking . . . how bad could a second-grader be?  Well, according to Ian, he's already, quote, "beaten up and bloodied" 10 kids this year, and the classroom has been evacuated twice.



Last year, he allegedly tried to suffocate another child with a bean bag.  And this year, he's threatened other kids with scissors.  The parents say the school is doing NOTHING about it.  



They're worried that if this continues, something REALLY bad could happen down the road.



Obviously, Ian could take some of that sweet "Sharknado" money and send his daughter to another school.  But he doesn't want to run from this problem, he wants to FIX it. 



(TMZ spoke to Ian outside the school.  Here's video.)




Originally posted on October 4th, 2018

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