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‘The View’ host Sunny Hostin says Trump could lie about a terror attack: ‘I would not put that past him’


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“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin said she “would not put it past” President Trump to lie about a terror attack. (ABC/Heidi Gutman) SUNNY HOSTIN

ABC News’ “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin on Wednesday said she wouldn’t be surprised if President Trump lied to the American people about a terror attack because he has "improper phone etiquette.”

The discussion started when co-host Whoopi Goldberg cautioned viewers that the White House would be testing a new service that allows the government to directly communicate with citizens via an alert sent to cellphones during national emergencies.

“Which you cannot opt out of,” Goldberg said while tearing up her notes.

Hostin chimed in, “I don’t like that. He doesn’t have proper phone etiquette or Twitter etiquette. Why do I have to be subjected to that?”

The lone conservative on the panel, Abby Huntsman, intervened. “You’re not getting his tweets; this is for, like, a terrorist attack or a hurricane or natural disaster.”

Goldberg interrupted, “I don’t need him to tell me. He’s the last one to tell me anything.”

Hostin and co-host Joy Behar declared they don’t have trust in Trump and therefore do not trust the alerts sent by the White House.

“That’s just because you guys can’t stand the president… he’s gonna lie about a terrorist attack?” Huntsman asked.

“I would not put that past him,” Hostin said while slamming her hand on the table. “I’m running around like a crazy person because he sent me something with his improper phone etiquette? I’m not into it.”

Goldberg was clearly annoyed, repeating that she wants to opt out and saying she doesn’t want to hear from the president.

“If I did, I would check your Twitter feed,” Goldberg said. “But I’m not interested in you and whatever you have to tell me. You can do it on television.”

Behar – who is typically the loudest anti-Trump voice on the panel – was unusually quiet before eventually saying she would throw her phone in the East River if she received an alert from Trump.

“That phone is going right in the East River… and my apologies to conservationists ahead of time,” she said.

Earlier this week, Goldberg declared that Trump was taking a “giant dump” on America as the panel of wealthy members of the media elite discussed that they don’t really care about tax incentives.

“I have more money in my paycheck, but I don’t care, because I like to breathe the air. Call my kooky,” Behar said.

Goldberg responded, “You might have some money now, but you’re going to end up spending more because you’re not able to write off anything or very few things. But the other thing about him is that, you know, I don’t mind if you are making the country better, but you can’t take a giant dump on it at the same time.”

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