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Man accused of stealing $400K, spending it on strippers & hockey tickets. Classic mug shot


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James R. Perry Jr., 29, of Coraopolis, Pa., allegedly stole company funds to splurge on strippers, sports tickets and other extravagances, police say.

A trucking company employee in western Pennsylvania is accused of funneling nearly $400,000 in customer payments into his personal bank account, and investigators say he then blew the money on strippers and hockey tickets, among other splurges.

KDKA and WPXI in Pittsburgh report 29-year-old James R. Perry Jr., of Coraopolis, Pa., was arrested Monday on theft and other charges.

Perry was the director of credit and collections billing and settlement with R&R Express trucking company, where he allegedly funneled money to himself dating back to April 2015 to the tune of about $373,928, police say.

According to court papers, company and financial records show customers would send their credit card payments to R&R, and Perry would then use a computer program to process the payments and redirect them into his personal checking account.

Officials at the Allegheny County company finally discovered the scheme in July, prompting the police investigation.

Still, the company may not have much hope of recovering those funds, as investigators tell WPXI that Perry spent the money on strip clubs, adult entertainment, tickets to Pirates and Penguins games, casinos, jewelry and other extravagances.

Bail in the case was set at $10,000.

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