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The Ten Most Annoying Things Our Neighbors Do


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Have you ever had a really bad neighbor?  And did you ever have to CONFRONT them about something?  According to a new survey, 54% of us HAVE confronted a bad neighbor before. 



2,500 people were asked to name the most annoying neighbor habits.  And #1 is blasting your music too loudly.  Here are the top ten . . .



1.  Loud music.


2.  Loud voices, specifically adults.


3.  Loud parties.


4.  Parking issues, like blocking your driveway.


5.  Loud pets, like a dog that won't stop barking.


6.  Loud kids.


7.  Not cleaning up after their dog when it does its business.


8.  Being grumpy in general.


9.  Blasting their TV.


10.  Letting their trash overflow. 



(Loud SEX was the 23rd most common complaint.  People in Minneapolis and New York were the most likely to complain about it.) 



The survey also found that overall, people in Dallas, Miami, Austin, Philadelphia, and L.A. have the most annoying neighbors. 

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