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No Trespassing Signs Prohibited

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No Trespassing Signs Prohibited on Panama City Beaches

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - On Thursday evening, Panama City Beach City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting "no trespassing" or similar signs on the sandy gulf beach. The council wants to make sure visitors and residents are aware that Panama City Beach has public beaches. 

Mayor Mike Thomas said he doesn't want to see the customary use issues in Walton County to take place in Panama City Beach. Panama City Beach City Manager Mario Gisbert said signs have not been an issue and they are passing the ordinance as a pre-caution. 

"We've traditionally had a public beach, we have over 50 beach accesses, we've always promoted the public to come out to the beach, we've not been like Walton County," said Mario Gisbert, PCB City Manager. 

Gisbert said the council hopes that moving forward with the sign ordinance will prevent any problems from occurring in the future. 


After a new state bill reversed Walton County's customary land use law, concerns are on the rise in Panama City Beach over the same debate: Will some of the beaches behind private properties stay open to the public?


Panama City Beach city council members drafted a new law in response to those concerns.

They say the new legislation would prohibit "no trespassing" signs from being placed on the beach to keep the beaches open to the public.

That means the signs are not allowed from the dunes to the Gulf, but they are allowed from the dunes to the roadway as that area is considered private property.

Panama City Beach Mayor Mike Thomas says the new law plays a vital role in our local economy because keeping the beaches open to the public keeps visitors coming to the area.

"It's important for people to know they're welcome in an area and that's our job. Panama City Beach does not have an ad valorem tax. We make a living off other people's money and we want them to know we appreciate it, we welcome them here and we want them to have a good time," he said. The new law heard its first reading Thursday morning and was unanimously approved. It'll be effective immediately after its second reading at the next Panama City Beach council meeting if it's passed.

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