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Rear Seat Remind Function For GMC Vehicles

Guest Dwight C

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Guest Dwight C

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Rear Seat Reminder Feature Could Save Lives

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - You hear it almost too often,  a child is left in a hot car, and sometimes it can turn deadly. 

However,one car manufacturer is hoping to put an end to the tragedy through a special feature. The rear seat reminder in certain GM models could potentially save lives. 

Rear seat reminder is a feature that was introduced back in 2017 in certain General Motors models. The concept of the feature is quite simple. 

"When you open the back door, it recognizes that you opened the back door and it's typically thinking that you're loading something in the back seat. So when you close the back door and open the front door, you get in and you auto start your vehicle with the smart key, then it reminds you to check the rear seat once you turn the vehicle off," said Bill Cramer Chevrolet Sales Professional, Dave Ogden. 

Most cars have built in reminders for headlights, seatbelts and other safety features but parents say it's about time something like this was added. 

"We leave our keys in the car and we have alarms for that and it really teaches you to stop and say, something is not right," said Parent, Kristin Ader. 

The rear seat reminder feature is expected to be in every 2019 GM model and those new cars are  already starting to come out now. Employees at Bill Cramer Chevrolet said it's a cool idea with an even greater goal. 

"It's a neat feature when we can try and cut back on the amount of kids who are getting stuck in the back seat of these vehicles," said Ogden. 

Parents agree with the addition of the new feature. "I do think it's unfortunate that it has to be created, but I think it's very much needed," said Parent, Daysa Metzger. 

Rear seat reminder isn't just for children, but can also remind you of pets or groceries in the back seat. Any way you use it, it's a unique feature.

"Any little thing you can do to put in that avenue... if it saves one life, it's worth it," said Ogden.

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