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New Alcohol Laws In Place

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Guest Dwight C

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Lynn Haven Changes Alcohol Policy for Restaurants

PANAMA CITY Fla. - Lynn Haven restaurants can now serve alcohol no matter their distance from a school. This is a change that some believe will draw more people to Lynn Haven. 

Eric Marcus, co-owner of wild root cafe is one of those people. "Passing this ordinance and allowing us to get our beer and wine license is only going to attract more business here."

Margo Anderson, mayor of Lynn Haven explains the requirements for restaurants. "If you are a restaurant in Lynn Haven and that you serve 51% or more of what's on your menu is food that you would be allowed to serve beer or wine."

Before, businesses including restaurants were not allowed to serve alcohol if they are located within 500 ft. of a school. Which was something the owners of Wild Root Cafe brought up to the city. 

"I just wanted to know what's in store for me if I wanted to get my beer and wine license. And they called and told me- oh like- you can forget it there's an elementary school right behind you. The mayor came down and talked to me about it and I expressed my interest in I'd like to resolve this because I think one day I'd like to get my beer and wine license," said Marcus. 

Now the Lynn Haven ordinance has been re-written to match state laws and allow restaurants within 500 ft. of a school to apply for an alcohol license.

"As far as people worried about us becoming a bar- it'd be liike as if you were talking to your friends and say hey let's go to a library and get loaded. It's never gonna happen like that," said Marcus. 

Bar are not considered restaurants so they are still not permitted to serve alcohol within 500 feet of a school or church. 

The next step is for restaurant owners to apply for their licenses through the state. 

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