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You Spend Five Years of Your Life Feeling Bored . . . Here Are the Five Most-Common Things We Find Boring


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A new study found the average person feels bored for about two hours a day . . . which works out to roughly FIVE YEARS of boredom throughout your life.



Here are the top five things we deal with that make us feel bored . . .



1.  Calling a company and having to wait on hold.


2.  Slow Wi-Fi.


3.  Sitting through an ad before you watch a video online.


4.  Sifting through junk mail.


5.  Waiting for websites to load, even if the Wi-Fi is decent.



A few more from the top 30 include waiting in line . . . scrolling through photos of food on social media . . . washing dishes . . . waiting for your significant other to get ready . . . lame work meetings . . . taking out the trash . . . and your daily commute.

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