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Sexpert says masturbation should be taught to kids in school, so they know how to 'pleasure themselves'


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There are stigmas and taboos that come along with sex especially, when sexual act concerns young children, hitting puberty. A sex expert suggested that children should be taught how to masturbate in their school, reports Daily Mail.

This triggered shock and outrage amongst parents who found this suggestion absurd and offensive. Nadia Bokody, who is a sex expert appeared on Live video on 'This Morning' and, she's put her view in front of the world, saying that young children should be taught how to pleasure themselves in the school in order to avoid any complications in future.  


Sex expert @nadiabokody says teaching children about masturbation as part of the national curriculum, would help prevent teen pregnancies and STDs, but what do you think?



She emphasized how girls as young as 11 should know how to 'pleasure themselves', reports Metro. However, this idea was looked as farcical by the parents who believed that it will encourage children to have underage sex. However, there were other people who praised and encouraged the views and idea, and called it "refreshing." 


Sex ed already teaches kids around 11 about partnered sex. It's also everywhere in modern hypersexual culture. A child can't turn on a TV or open instagram without seeing porn. Research proves kids ARE having sex, whether we like it or not. Why not offer an alternative?



She said, "Masturbation is such a taboo topic, but we are already creating shame by not talking about it." She also believes that it is important for young children, especially girls, to know the mechanics of self-pleasure, as a girl's private area is surrounded mostly by mysteries and stigmas. 


She explained, "It is beneficial to both sexes, but we know that socially we are more comfortable with boys labeling their genital area and it is socially acknowledged in a lot of humor messaging that we see. But we don’t have the same message as girls and we know that girls are going and having fairly unpleasant sexual encounters.

If we can at least get girls to recognize what is supposed to feel like pleasure and what is supposed to feel like pain that's a start but we can also have it there as an option for delaying partnered sex."



Its ridiculous with “me too” on the rise! Youd think peoples main concern would be to educate children the difference between right and wrong not how to bleeding touch them selves. She must be a pervert her self because this shouldnt even be a thing!!! #metoo #keepchildrensafe


This was something that sounded "obscene" to many people and they burst out showing their anger and shock on social media. One angry person wrote, "This is getting ludicrous. What age are you talking about teaching kids about masturbation...why does it need to be taught, it's a private thing. Why can't you leave the kids alone let them grow up learning in their own ffs."



Sex expert @nadiabokody says teaching children about masturbation as part of the national curriculum, would help prevent teen pregnancies and STDs, but what do you think? pic.twitter.com/DRNE14MFEe


This woman needs medical help. I will teach my kids about when they're old enough I can't imagine another person teaching my kids about this sorry it's just wrong and knocks me sick tbh. It's worse for me if it was a male doing the teaching too, that might be sexist but NO!


You’d be surprised by the percentage to whom it does not. Sex and relationships are a life skill


Here, here! Totally agree. And research backs up the fact that young girls are having partnered sex LONG before they're starting masturbation due to the shame around it, and they have little understanding of consent or what sex is supposed to feel like.



Another wrote, "Surely this woman doesn’t have children! There is no way you would want your child to be taught about masturbation and porn in school. What the actual f***"


Sex education is raising awareness of being safe and using precautions. So yes absolutely should be a topic in School.


Kids knowing masturbation is not shameful and do it on a regular basis, will wait longer to have sex with a partner. I strongly believe it should be part of sex ed. Just so kids know they are normal and other kids feel the same



The actual reason why Bokody thought that there is a need to educate young children about self-pleasure because it is the school's responsibility to keep children safe and prepare them for the future and a healthy adulthood. 


I totally agree with @nadiabokody that masturbation shouldn't be taboo! I was always made to feel that masturbation was dirty and wrong and it's not! we should celebrate our bodies and how they can make us feel amazing! kids are doing it anyway so why not discuss it?



The sex expert definitely was not against porn, but she strongly believed that porn shouldn't be the first place for children to understand and know things about their body and sexual desires. 


Some of these comments are genuinely shocking... sex education is a complete joke in the uk and young people need to be educated about sexual consent and normalising the taboo around female masturbation! Having been educated in a Catholic school the height of my sex ed was....



She said, "Am I comfortable about young boys and girls going and having sex, absolutely not. What we know is the more we try to create shame around topics the worse it generally makes it for young people.

Young people are going to go out and have sex, they are hitting puberty at a young age. Our culture is drenched in sexual messaging, we talk about the proliferation of pornography in our culture it is highly accessible. It is very easy for children to access it."


She further explained, "We may feel unconformable talking about it but digging our heads in the sand isn’t going to stop it from happening. We know young people are already having sex, we just want them to do it safely."

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