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2018-09-07 04_51_38-smokeroom.com_2018_09_06_nike-favorability-ratings-colin-kaepernick_.png


According to a study conducted by the Morning Consult and interviews with thousands of people, the popular apparel brand had a net favorability rating of +69 prior to the Kaepernick ad. It’s now sitting at +35. 

The brand’s popularity also dropped eight points with black Americans. It went from +82 to +74. 



Go ahead and raise your hand if you could see this coming. This was the most obvious outcome I think I’ve ever seen in the history of dumb business decisions. Here are some numbers from the study that should terrify Nike: Favorability for Republicans went from +75 to zero, and among white people, it went from +67 to +27.

I didn’t graduate from Harvard Business School, but I’m pretty sure those numbers are bad.

I really hope the geniuses running Nike know what they’re doing because, so far, this looks like an utter disaster. Here’s some truth for everybody out there. Kaepernick isn’t an elite quarterback, defensive coordinators figured out how to stop him, his play dropped off, the San Francisco 49ers benched him, he started kneeling, and now he isn’t in the NFL anymore.


He’s not a martyr or hero. He’s a guy that’s simply not good enough to be a starting NFL quarterback. It’s that simple. Why Nike would want to associate with him after what he’s done the past couple years is beyond me, and I’m apparently not the only one who feels that way.

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