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Large Narcotics Bust

Guest Dwight C

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Guest Dwight C

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Undercover narcotics operation leads to multiple arrests

CHIPLEY, Fla - A task force made up of members from the Washington County Sheriff's Office and the Chipley Police Department spent that last few months working undercover cases within the county.

Over 20 people were arrested or have active warrants for their arrest as result of this operation. Chief of the Chipley Police Department, Scott Thompson said that he is happy with the conclusion of what is considered to be a successful operation. 

This investigation followed multiple "roundups" that have been conducted since Sheriff Kevin Crews took office in 2018. The Sheriff's Office wants to make things clear, yet again, the importance placed on providing a safe county to live, work, and raise our children in

The following arrests have been made at this time:

Kenneth Wade Bowers, 44, Ebro, FL Cocaine – Sell
Calvin Oliver, 48, Ebro, FL Cocaine (sell)
Cindy Nell Warren, 28, Chipley, FL Marijuana – Sell
Kyree Burns, 26, Chipley, FL Methamphetamine – Sell x2
Elta Wise, 42, Vernon, FL Methamphetamine – Sell
Dwight “DJ” Neal Jr., 27, Chipley, FL Marijuana – Sell x2
Thomas Smith III, 35, Chipley, FL Cocaine – Sell x 3
Joshua Davis, 18, Chipley, FL Marijuana – Sell
Cayden George, 18, Graceville, FL Cocaine – Sell 
Della M. Hertkorn, 70, Vernon, FL Marijuana – Sell
Allen Wright, 31, Chipley, FL Cocaine – Sell x 3 and possession of cocaine
Marcus Bland, 51, Ebro, FL Methamphetamine – Sell
Lyron Walker, 44, Chipley, FL Cocaine – Sell x 3
Christopher Norton, 36, Chipley, FL Methamphetamine – Sell
James Lee Coatney, 51, Vernon, FL Possession of marijuana less than 20 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia (while out on bond for unrelated felony drug charges)
Lawrence Hathaway, 49, Wausau, FL Possession of a firearm by convicted felon and possession of drug paraphernalia – currently on state probation for unrelated felony charges 
Rita Edwards, 46, Wausau, FL Possession of drug paraphernalia – currently on state probation for unrelated felony drug charges
Shon Massey, 44, Marianna, FL Methamphetamine – Sell
Hurtis Jackson, 37, Chipley, FL Marijuana – Sell
Dominique Martin, 29, Chipley, FL Marijuana – Sell

The following individuals are currently being sought for selling illegal narcotics in Washington County:

Neatron Curry, 35, Chipley, FL Methamphetamine – Sell
Richard "Ricky" Stasko, 20, Chipley, FL Marijuana – Sell
David Melanchuck, 31, Cottondale, FL Marijuana – Sell
Clyde Daniel Ladd, 21, Cottondale, FL Methamphetamine – Sell x 2
Byron Watford, 26, Chipley, FL Marijuana – Sell

Margrett Mclaughlin, 41, Chipley, FL Methamphetamine – Sell
Eric Hooks, 45, Chipley, FL Possession of cocaine with intent to sell, manufacture, or deliver – currently out on bond for unrelated drug charges
Stephanie Hutchinson, 45, Bonifay, FL Methamphetamine – Sell (violation of state probation)

Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of those listed above to contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. You may also contact us anonymously by calling 850-638-TIPS (8477) or by email at tips@wcso.us.

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