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Hofbrau Beer Garden is Closing

Guest Dwight C

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Guest Dwight C

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A10-year-old Pier Park German restaurant will undergo some major changes in the coming weeks.

Locals can say 'goodbye' to German sausage and potato pancakes, and 'hello' to a new seafood spot.

Hofbrau Beer Garden will close and re-brand into the Angry Tuna Seafood Company. Owners said declining sales within the last five years caused the closure.

The new restaurant will have the same owners, management, staff, cooks, and even still have some German favorites on the menu. The operations manager tells News 13 the Angry Tuna will appeal to locals and serve fresh local fish.

The company announced the closure on their Facebook page Tuesday and owners said they were shocked to find many people were upset.

"It is a seafood place and people we're like well all we need is another seafood place, but i can promise you, it's going to be a local flare to it, local friendly, affordable, and i have some recipes and there's a lot of good ideas that were going on," Tim Jacobi, the operations manager, said.

He said Hofbrau will close it's doors on September 16 and the new restaurant will open mid-October.

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