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Man has gender reassignment surgery to become a woman -- at 81!


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A TRANSGENDER woman has spoken of her joy at becoming the oldest person in Britain to have surgery.

Ruth Rose, 85, had a reassignment op four years ago after her doctor told her she could be considered for the full procedure.


She has defended the £4,000 cost of the surgery by sitting on an NHS advisory board and volunteering for charities that support old people.

Ruth told the BBC: “It is only in the past 15 years that this has become acceptable. Before that people thought it was just for freaks.”


Ruth had the surgery after living as a woman for several years.

She had been known as James Rose, an ex-RAF navigator, mechanical engineer and financial consultant.


She married but kept her secret until 1973 when her wife found pictures of her dressed as a woman. They finally divorced in 2003.

Ruth waited until retirement to come out as a woman but first realised she wanted to be female aged nine.




She did not expect the NHS to fund the surgery due to her age. She added: “I was surprised to be given the chance for a medical transition. It’s like starting my life all over.”

Spending public cash on the op has been questioned by Tory MP Pauline Latham.

She said: “When you think about the rationing of hip and knee replacements and cancer waiting lists, I’m not sure this is a priority for the NHS.”

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