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Second Medical Marijuana Doctor's Office Heading to Bay County on Wheels

 A new marijuana doctor plans to open a medical marijuana office in Bay County. 

A south Florida company is sending the state's first mobile medical marijuana clinic to Bay County.

"I have had three surgeries, no, four surgeries on the bottom of my foot"," Treina Washington, a medical marijuana patient, said. She knows pain. "I have a condition that continues to come back," she said.

At the end of her search to relieve some of it, she landed at medical marijuana.

"When my doctor suggested that there's a way I can control the pain and get back to living again, I took it and my whole life is changed," Washington said.

She got a recommendation and now has a medical marijuana card. Now, a company called Marijuana Doctor is coming to Bay County. 

"I could see us going up there probably in the first quarter of next year," a representative with Marijuana Doctor, said. Until then, they're sending a marijuana doctor on wheels.

"We're going to be sending the unit here, I'd say in about three to four weeks, on a pretty extensive route," he said.

When the mobile unit arrives, people seeking medical marijuana cards can schedule an appointment or even walk-in to try and get a recommendation. 

"I wanted something that I can take it to all of these events, all of these sub-markets that are un-touched, and give people more accessibility to the program," he said.

Marijuana doctors can't dispense the medicine but just recommend it. Although there are no dispensaries in the area, patients can get medicine delivered to their homes. 

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