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Student Arrested

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Guest Dwight C

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Merritt Brown Middle School Student Arrested
The Bay County Sheriff's Office, (BCSO) have made an arrest in a case involving a rumor of a shooter at Merritt Brown Middle School.
According to a statement from BCSO, two students came forward to school administration on Tuesday to report they had heard someone was going to shoot up the school on Thursday, August 30.

The release statement says, the two students who came forward stated they did not know started the rumor they overheard.

Investigators stated they interviewed multiple students along with the School Resource Deputy.

According to the report, investigators were able to pinpoint the source of the rumor as 13-year old Noah Abitbol, a student at Merritt Brown Middle School.

The report states when investigators spoke initially spoke to Abitbol, he had denied involvement.

BCSO said in the release statement, Abitbol admitted in the second interview, to starting the rumor and naming another student as the shooter to bully that student.

Abitbol was arrested and charged with False Report of Gun Violence, a felony and taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The Bay County Sheriffs Office worked closely with the Bay County School Board on this investigation.

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